Do you need fasting blood glucose levels?

Fasting Blood Glucose Level
Fasting Blood Glucose Level

We all have seemed to do it at some time or another in our life, given a fasting blood glucose level. Fasting blood glucose levels are often times easy to come by in certain instances or with certain peoples given medical history and background.

Often times we are asked to fast and asked to provide a fasting blood glucose levels check, fasting a1c or fasting diabetes test for many reasons, could be because we are at risk for gestational diabetes when we are expecting, have a history of diabetes in the family or are showing signs and symptoms of diabetes.

Diabetes is a very dangerous and can be life threatening medical illness that generally once diagnosed with you will have for the rest of your life. Diabetes if not treated correctly can lead to strokes, heart attacks, comas, dialysis and even various other medical problems. Diabetes is definitely not a medical condition to play with or take lightly. Diabetes can take years off your life or you can maintain your health and enjoy many happy years.

For many after they reach a certain age and have had a past medical history or family medical history of diabetes will be asked or required to have a fasting hypoglycemia, fasting diabetes or fasting a1c levels test periodically on a regular basis. Even when you are not being tested on a regular basis if you have a family history or have had any signs or symptoms of diabetes then a safe way to monitor your diabetes is with a blood glucose monitor. A blood glucose monitor works well so that you can safely monitor your blood sugar without monthly or weekly checks to the doctor’s office. By using a blood glucose monitor you can check your fasting blood glucose levels and keep your own log or journal from the comforts of your own home.

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