What are the Dangers of Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar levels?

gestational diabetes blood sugar levels

What are the dangers of gestational diabetes blood sugar levels? Gestational diabetes is another serious diabetes problem. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that forms while a mother is pregnant. This very serious and can hurt the baby.

Gestational diabetes is where the body fails to produce the required amounts of a chemical known as insulin. This insulin is responsible for both the energy of the child and the mother. The insulin that is created by the pancreas is injected into the blood as it passes through it. The insulin binds with glucose molecules in the blood stream. If there is not enough insulin to bind with the glucose the glucose levels begin to rise. Once this glucose amount reaches a certain level the body begins to suffer severe permanent damage.

The parts of the body most commonly damaged are the heart, eyes, nerves, and kidney. These places become quickly damaged by the high blood sugar levels. This means that controlling a safe blood sugar level is a have to. But with gestational diabetes it isn’t just the mother who suffers damage. The child will also suffer damage and this damage may not be noticed till later on in life. So knowing the dangers of gestational diabetes blood sugar levels is key in going thru it.

In Gestational diabetes blood sugar levels are extremely high. This does several things to the developing child. The child can be born extra large and is dangerous for the baby, it may have breathing problems, and low glucose right after birth. These can seriously affect your child and even kill it. For the mother the damages were already listed. The good thing about gestational diabetes is that usually goes away after the child is delivered which is one less stress to deal with. So now you know the dangers of having gestational diabetes blood sugar levels.

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