What is a sidekick glucose meter?

sidekick glucose meter

sidekick glucose meter

What is a side kick glucose meter? A glucose meter is a small unit that is used by diabetics to help monitor their blood sugar levels. For diabetics using these handy handheld units is a very serious matter. So having the best units is an absolute need.

Diabetes is an extremely serious and life threatening condition no matter how small you think it is. Diabetes affects almost 30 million people in the United States alone, and half of that don’t know it does. With today’s sugary stuffed sweets and foods, and advances in diabetes treatment, this large number is only growing as the defective gene is passed on.

Diabetes is where a very major organ known to many as the pancreas slows, or in worse case scenarios, stops in the production of a necessary hormone called insulin. Insulin is a very important hormone that the body uses to make fuel it can use. The hormone is placed in the blood stream then it binds with the glucose molecules that are in the blood stream to transform them into a fuel source that the cells are capable of using.

Without this insulin the body has no energy sources and the blood glucose level begins to rise. Once the blood glucose levels hit a certain high sugar level they begin to damage the body in permanent ways. The most common permanent damages that are associated with the high glucose levels is heart damage, a increase in the chance of heart disease, nerve damage, eye damage, and kidney damage. This damage will permanently scar the diabetic’s body and make them suffer for the rest of their lives. This makes controlling your blood sugar a serious matter. So what is a sidekick glucose meter?

A sidekick glucose me teris a wonderful glucose monitor. This monitor is designed to be small enough to be carried easily in a pocket or purse. This means that diabetes cant limit the diabetics life as much as before. With these small new monitors you can be free to go. So talk to your diabetic supplier for info on a sidekick glucose meter.

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