How To Lower High Blood Sugar

How to lower high blood sugar

How to Lower High Blood Sugar

Do you know how to lower high blood sugar? High blood sugar, also called diabetes, is a dangerous disease, making the knowledge of how to lower high blood sugar a need. Diabetes is a disease in where the pancreas fails to produce normal amounts of vital chemical called insulin. Insulin is needed by the body to change sugar in the bloodstream into fuel that the cells can use. Without enough insulin to convert the sugar it begins build up to deadly levels. At high levels the body suffers damage such as heart, eye, nerve, and kidney damage. This makes knowing how to lower high blood sugar a must.

So how do you lower high blood sugar? There are several ways to lower your blood sugar levels. First and more important is to talk to your doctor. Using glucose monitors is also key as they allow you to take a machine to measure blood sugar anywhere. This allows almost constant glucose checking. The machine takes a small amount of blood and measures it using chemical filled test strips. Diets are also helping keep your blood sugar in check. Diabetic diets are often diets in which no sugary foods are eaten such as fruit and candy. The diet should also contain foods that are high in protein and dietary fiber. Exercise is also very helpful as it helps with controlling high blood sugar by burning it off and stimulating insulin production. Also talk to your doctor as he can give you more information and tips. Also talk to other diabetics as they have experience in that sector. They might give better information than the doctor. So talk to your doctor about how to lower high blood sugar and keep your body alive and healthy longer.

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