What are normal blood sugar readings?


normal blood sugar readings

normal blood sugar readings

What are normal blood sugar readings? For diabetics this is some of the best information to know. Since they cannot control their blood sugar level by themselves they must know what normal blood sugar readings are. Diabetes is a disease that is slowly taking over the world. Due to today’s high sugar foods more and more people are coming down with it. Diabetes is where the body’s organ called the pancreas manufactures too little of a chemical called insulin. Insulin is a chemical that the body uses to change the sugar (glucose) in the blood stream into fuel that are cells are able to use. When the insulin levels are not where they are needed to be the sugar levels begin to rise. When they reach a certain level they begin to damage the body severely the damage that is often done consists of heart, eye, nerve, and kidney damage. This is why it is a good reason to keep normal blood sugar readings.

Normal blood sugar readings are usually between 60 mg/dl and 120 mg/dl. (Depending on the last time food was eaten and the size of the meal) When levels are above120 mg/dl they are considered high and when they reach over 140 they begin to damage the body. This means that diabetics must do several things to keep normal blood sugar readings. Diets are a key aspect. The proper diet gives a great amount of control to the diabetic. A diabetic diet should consist of non sugary foods and foods that are high in dietary fiber. Also using a blood glucose meter helps with controlling your blood sugar level. Both of these should be discussed with your doctor as he can give some of the best information. So see about keeping normal blood sugar readings.

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