What is a Healthy Blood Sugar Level?

Healthy Blood Sugar Level

Healthy Blood Sugar Level

As the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to rise the question of what is a healthy blood sugar level has become one of the most frequently asked questions in doctor’s offices all around the world. While there are no hard and fast rules, normal blood glucose is generally thought to be between 60 and 100 milligrams per deciliter.

Though this the normal rule in some cases blood sugar levels can be affected by other underlying medical conditions, including the age, weight, and overall health condition of the patient, the only one who can determine what is a healthy blood sugar level for the individual is the individual’s physician.

If you are a diabetic, the best way to keep your diabetes in control and in check is by regularly checking your blood sugar level and maintaining them as close to normal as possible. Only by maintaining a healthy blood sugar level can the worst of the health effects of diabetes be headed off.

A healthy blood sugar level is the only way to prevent diabetes related neuropathy, blindness, kidney disease and other long term effects of abnormal blood sugar levels. Whether you have type one or type two diabetes, whether you control your blood sugar by diet alone, or with a combination of diet and medication, the blood sugar is the key to the prevention of long term detrimental health effects.

A healthy blood sugar level can be maintained, but it does take a great deal of discipline, especially when it comes to counting carbs and regulating sugar intake as a means of keeping the sugar in check. Let’s face it the foods that we love the most are the ones that are highest in sugars and the kind of carbs that we shouldn’t be eating if we want to keep ourselves healthy. Regardless of the difficulty the only way to stay healthy is to wake up each morning aware of what is a healthy blood sugar level and do what it takes to maintain it.

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