What is type two diabetes?


what is type two diabetes

what is type two diabetes

What is type two diabetes? Type two diabetes is often classified as diabetes that needs to be controlled with insulin. For a lot of people they get the pre-conception that diabetes is diabetes and that everyone who is diabetic needs insulin but that is not the case at all.

What is type two diabetes may be insulin required but type one diabetes may be able to be controlled with medication, diet and exercise.

For many who are new to the diabetes world, they get confused on what is type two diabetes and how it works or is controlled. Type two diabetes and people who are classified as type two diabetics require a combination of things such as medication, frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels and injections of insulin in order to control their diabetes.

Type two diabetes can be started as either a type one diabetic or a full blown diabetic from the start. Typically people who first learn that they are diabetics will start out as trying to monitor their diabetes or blood glucose level and then maintain it with diet, exercise and medication but this may not always work. Many type one diabetics will not be able to maintain their blood glucose level with diet and medication alone, they will eventually go to being a full blown type two diabetic.

Some of the first warning signs and symptoms of being diabetic is frequent urination and unable to stay hydrated or get enough liquids to drink. The doctor will require you to get some blood work done as well as come in for a fasting blood glucose level which will measure your blood glucose level which will determine if you are a diabetic or not.

What is type two diabetes? Type two diabetes is diabetes that is controlled with medication, diet, exercise and insulin in order to maintain a good healthy blood glucose level.

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