What are acceptable blood sugar levels?


acceptable blood sugar levels

acceptable blood sugar levels

We all wonder what is an acceptable blood sugar level? Is there a right answer to this question, is there really an acceptable blood sugar level that meets everyone’s needs and criteria?

There are doctor’s all over the world and physicians who will all argue various numbers are acceptable blood sugar levels for diabetics. There are so many factors they play a vital part in people’s acceptable blood sugar level that it is hard to pinpoint one certain number that everyone can fall into or under.

Acceptable blood sugar levels are normally determined on a person’s fasting blood glucose level. The best way for a doctor or physician to determine a person’s acceptable blood sugar or average is by having them log or keep a daily journal for a certain period or length of time which will then give them an average blood glucose level in which the doctor will determine as their own personal acceptable blood sugar level.

An acceptable blood sugar level can be determined by several different factors such as a person’s age, weight, height, race, ethnic background, gender or health history. The national acceptable blood sugar level falls within a range of 78-102, below 78 is considered low and above 102-115 is considered high. The national acceptable blood sugar level has been determined by taking and comparing people’s glucose levels all over the world in order to determine an average or acceptable blood sugar level.

If your blood sugar level doesn’t fall into one of these categories then don’t sweat it or get upset because you need to remember that this is just an average based on other people and may not be an acceptable blood sugar level for yourself. Everyone has a different body type, age, height and weight so we all need to remember what may be acceptable or okay for one person may not be the same acceptable blood sugar level for yourself.

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