Blood test for diabetes

blood tests for diabetes

blood tests for diabetes

What we all hear is the dreaded words from our doctor asking us to come in for a diabetes test or to come in and have a blood test for diabetes? A blood test for diabetes is the best way to determine if someone is a full blown diabetic.

If you are feeling side effects such as frequent urination, can’t stay hydrated, painful intercourse, weakness and lack of energy to just name a few then you may have developed diabetes. Diabetes is can easily be diagnosed generally through a blood test for diabetes or a fasting blood glucose test which is generally tested through a urine sample.

What generally happens if you are experiencing symptoms of diabetes the doctor will have you come in and drink a bottle of glucose or a drink that has high amounts of sugar in it then after you drink it you will be required to wait for a certain amount of time and then they will either perform a blood test for diabetes or take a urine sample and test for high amounts of blood glucose. If your blood glucose levels are a certain amount then the doctor will put you on a combination of diet and exercise in order to first maintain your diabetes or he or she will go ahead and put you on amounts of insulin so that your blood glucose level can be regulated and maintained.

A blood test for diabetes is the easiest way to find out if you are a diabetic or not. Diabetes is not anything to mess with because if the side effects or symptoms go misdiagnosed or left untreated then more medical problems can arise and even lead to death. So, if your doctor asks you to come in for a blood test for diabetes don’t hesitate and do what’s best for your health.

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