What are links between diabetes and joint pain?

diabetes and joint pain
diabetes and joint pain

What are links between diabetes and joint pain? Diabetes is a very serious condition that damages the body. This condition is also called hyperglycemia, or high blood glucose. This life changing condition affects over 30 million people in the United States alone, and 15 million of these don’t even know it.

Diabetes is where the pancreas is failing to manufacture proper amounts of a serious hormone called insulin. Insulin is used by the body’s system as a sugar converter. In order for glucose, also called sugar, to be used it must bond with the insulin.

Without proper amounts of insulin to bond with the sugar the sugar goes unused. This makes the blood sugar levels rise to dangerous levels. At a glucose level around 140 mg/dl the body begins to suffer damage to some of its main systems.

The areas that are most commonly and severely damage are the heart, kidney, eyes, and nervous system. Also all damage that is done is permanent and cannot be reversed in any way. So this means controlling your blood sugar is a very serious matter that must be managed. So what are the links between diabetes and joint pain?

Diabetes and joint pain have no major links to each other. But the joint pain can be caused by diabetic neuropathy; this is where the body’s nerves have been damaged and thus send pain signals. Diabetics are also more prone to bone and joint problems. But many other problems happen such as damage to the cells of the heart, and eyes. These cells are extremely susceptible to high blood sugar levels. The kidneys can become damaged by having to clean the blood of excess sugar. So talk to your doctor about links between diabetes and joint pain and see what he says about it.

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