What is the Use of Diabetes Test Equipment?

Diabetes Test Equipment

Diabetes Test Equipment

What is the use of diabetes test equipment? Diabetic test equipment is used by diabetic to better control their blood sugar. For diabetics controlling their blood sugar means life or death. Diabetes is where the body’s organ called the pancreas begins to stop or slow in the production of a vital chemical, insulin.

Insulin is a chemical that is responsible for the transformation of blood sugar into fuel that the body’s cells can use. Without sufficient amounts of insulin the blood sugar levels begin to rise and at a certain level they damage the body. At a high level the sugar begins to cause damage such as eye damage, heart damage, nerve damage, and the worse, kidney damage. These are the reasons why it’s important to use diabetes test equipment.

Diabetes test equipment consists of a few major things. The most major items are the lancet, the test strips, and the blood glucose monitor. The lancet is a small needle like contraption that is used to prick the fingers (or arm in some cases) to draw a small sample of blood. The test strips then have the blood inserted into a small cavity on the side of the strip. The strip is then inserted into the machine and measured. The blood glucose monitor is a small handheld machine that takes the strips and measures the blood sugar and displays it o a small screen. This diabetic testing equipment allows maximum freedom for those who have diabetes. Diabetes may limit your life but with the proper equipment (that you can use properly) it can continue as normal. So talk to your doctor about getting the proper equipment. Also talk to your doctor about diet, exercise, and medications to help manage your blood sugar.

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