What is the Average Blood Sugar Level?

Average Blood Sugar Level

Average Blood Sugar Level

For diabetics knowing what the average blood sugar level is a have to. They must struggle to try to keep a normal blood sugar while their body fights against them. Diabetes is a disease where the body’s organ that is known as the pancreas fails to manufacture enough or any of the chemical called insulin.

Insulin is one of the most vital chemicals of the body since it is responsible for transforming the sugar in the bloodstream into fuel that the body’s cell can use. Without large enough quantities of this chemical the sugar levels in the blood begin to rise to dangerous levels.

At a certain level (above 140 mg/dl) the sugar begins to damage major life components such as heart damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, and eye damage. This makes keeping average blood sugar level key to survival for diabetics.

The average blood sugar level for an adult is anywhere between 64.8 mg/dl to levels of 120 mg/dl. (Depending on when the last meal was eaten and the size of the meal) For diabetics this number ranges anywhere from 80.7 mg/ dl to levels of 200 mg/dl. At such high levels the body suffers damage, so what can be done to keep an average blood glucose level? The first and most important thing to do is to talk to your doctor he will give you the best information on how to handle high blood sugar. Diet is one of the biggest things. For a diabetic a meal should consist of items with little sugar. They also should include high amounts of dietary fiber. Exercise is another key thing. Ask your doctor about exercise as he will give the best exercise routine. So talk to your doctor about getting an average blood sugar level.

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