What is a Bloodless glucose meter?

bloodless glucose meter

bloodless glucose meter

What is a Bloodless glucose meter?

Even since the early 1970s diabetics have been using glucose monitors to help maintain a safe blood sugar. But this results in painful testing up to three times a day, sometimes more!

Diabetes is where the body’s organ called the pancreas fails to produce the required amounts of a chemical known as insulin. Insulin is a chemical responsible for all of the energy that you have. It takes the sugar in the blood and converts it into fuel that the body’s cells can use. When the amounts of insulin are low the amounts of sugar are high. When the sugar level reaches a certain level the body begins to suffer damage. The damage that is typically done by the high blood sugar levels includes

This makes testing your blood sugar levels a “must do”. But with a blood less glucose meter it can be much easier.

For years diabetics have had to prick their fingers with lancets. Lancets are small needle like contraptions that are used to draw blood sample. The sample is then checked by a glucose monitor. Having to do this constantly is very painful and time consuming. But as of 2008 a new form of noninvasive glucose monitor was created, called the bloodless glucose meter. The ‘’monitor’’ is a thumb pad that uses electromagnetic wave to measure blood sugar amounts. After much research, scientists have figured out how to use the electromagnetic waves to detect glucose. Though the non invasive pad is not as accurate as a blood glucose monitor, it gives a close enough glucose level estimate.

. So if you are tired of pricking your fingers all day long and causing such pain, talk to your doctor about getting a bloodless glucose meter.

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  • we are interested in marketting of non invasive glucometers. kindlymanage send us the detailed brochures and the transfer prices.

  • paul hoffman

    I’d like to buy a bloodless glucose meter.

  • Crystal Roy

    No blood requied EVER? Cost of meter and / or supplies?

  • m k tinoco

    I am a diabetic and definitely interested. Please send more info. thank you.

  • Alexander Papazian

    Dear Sir,
    Please, send me the information where I can purchase the Non invasive glucose meters or/and Monitoring devices

    Best regards

  • Lisa

    My mother and daughter both have become diabetic type 2 on pills my daughter will probably b on insulin so sad to say but its something we have to accept I also have several other in-laws with diabetes, it’s killing my family if I could please get info on where and how much to purchase these bloodless glucose meters that info would be very much appreciated. Thank you

  • Grace

    Hi Lisa,

    Unfortunately, to my knowledge, there is no FDA approved non invasive device on the market as yet – but lets hope it won’t be too far away!
    Really so sad to hear of so many of your family members with diabetes.
    I’ve included a couple of links here for you Lisa for additional information on these devices and when they may be available.


    Best Regrds,