What are acceptable blood sugar levels?

acceptable blood sugar levels
acceptable blood sugar levels

For a diabetic maintaining an acceptable blood sugar level is key to staying healthy. Diabetics whose blood sugar levels are high must talk with their doctor to find out what their blood sugar level should be which is determined by age, weight, and diet. Diabetes is the high blood sugar in a person’s body.

This is because of the small amount of insulin, a chemical that changes the glucose (sugar) in the body into fuel that the body can manage. If the body cannot produce enough of this chemical you become a diabetic and need insulin. The average amount of glucose in an adult is 140 mg/dl two hours after eating, with diabetes this number can reach an unacceptable blood sugar levels of 200 mg/dl and higher. This can result (overtime) in death and serious health problems.

Maintaining acceptable blood sugar levels is key in any diabetic life. Maintaining this is done by using a blood glucose meter. This small unit takes a small sample of blood in a strip and measures the amount of glucose in it. Then the unit displays the results on a small screen on the side. The American Diabetes Association States that all diabetes should use these small machines to measure your blood glucose and keep it on the spot. They also support using a blood sugar chart to graph your blood sugar readings. This is helpful because it can show you what you do and how it affects your blood sugar levels. Also they encourage proper diet and exercise as prescribed by your doctor. Maintaining a good acceptable blood sugar level is very important and should be a part of anyone’s life that has diabetes (form one or two) so talk to your doctor about what your acceptable blood sugar levels are.

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