The Normal Glucose Level Range

Normal Glucose Level RangeWhen it come to the normal glucose level range, there are no hard and fast rules since like everything else in life each person’s individual case is different, but as a general rule the normal glucose level range is between 60 and 120. Of course these numbers can be influenced by any number of factors including weight, age and other health conditions and there is no real way to say that this is or isn’t normal without the advice of a physician and long term tracking and trending of blood glucose levels. Nobody is better at maintaining their normal glucose level range than diabetics.

Because some forms of diabetes require that the diabetic patient take their medications based on what their blood glucose level is at the moment many diabetics keep extensive records on their glucose levels. With the help of a glucometer and a log book, many diabetics can easily spot trends in their glucose levels, and armed with this knowledge are better able to treat their condition. Some diabetics have such extensive records of blood sugar levels, exercise levels, and even what food they have eaten that they are able to predict what their glucose levels will be on any given day, and my even adjust their medication accordingly. Maintaining that normal glucose level range is the key to the successful treatment of diabetes, and with careful monitoring of their condition many diabetics live as long and a happy as anyone else.

The ancient Greeks and Romans had their own test for elevated blood glucose levels. The physician of the ancient world would place out a bowl of fresh urine from the prospective patient, if flies and ants were attracted to the urine due to the elevated sugar content the physician would usually taste the fresh urine, if he could taste sugar he would diagnose his patient as diabetic. When maintaining a normal blood glucose level range is of the utmost importance to so many people today it truly is a blessing that we can determine blood glucose with a machine instead of the taste-test method.

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