Normal Blood Glucose Ranges and Other Ranges

Normal Blood Glucose RangesNormal blood glucose ranges, normal cholesterol ranges, normal calcium ranges, nowadays it seems as if modern life depends on keeping all these “ranges” in some sort of arcane numerical boundaries in order to live long and happy. Not long ago no one worried about whether their normal blood glucose ranges were normal or not, they got up in the mornings, ate a pound of greasy bacon, three fried eggs, gravy, a couple of biscuits and washed it all down with a cup of strong coffee. Then it was off to work.

Nobody stressed about living within normal blood glucose ranges or any other ranges and they lived and loved and worked just fine. Or did they? After all, Grandpa lived his whole life in just such a fashion and smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes and chewed tobacco every day and he still lived to a ripe old age.

(The fact that sometimes is easily forgotten is that Grandpa had three heart attacks before he was fifty and lived the last ten years of his life partially paralyzed from a series of strokes, not to mention the fact that he was blind from diabetes induced glaucoma. Imagine how much better he would have lived if he had lived within normal blood glucose ranges and normal cholesterol ranges.)

In modern society we may seem to be obsessed with keeping within normal blood glucose ranges and all the other normal ranges, but the facts are that we are living longer, producing longer, and having better quality of life for many decades more than our ancestors did. Modern medicine may seem to reduce life to keeping one set of numbers within the range of another set of numbers, but keeping those numbers right seems to be working.

Not long ago it was almost unheard of for a person in their seventies or eighties to still be working, but nowadays it is becoming almost common place as people take better care of all those ranges and live longer and fuller lives. It may be a hassle and it may seem like life is becoming a numbers game, but maintaining normal blood glucose ranges and all the other ranges seems to be the key to not only living long, but also living well.

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