Do you know how to lower glucose level?

how to lower glucose level

how to lower glucose level

Do you know how to lower glucose level? Knowing how to lower glucose level is very important for those with the disease diabetes. Diabetes is a very serious disease that affects many people the world. Not only does it affect those who have it but it effects all who come in to contact with them.

Diabetes is where the organ known as the pancreas quits or slows in the production of insulin. Insulin is a vital chemical of the body; it is responsible for feeding your body’s cells.

The chemical takes the glucose (sugar) in the blood and transforms it into a form of fuel that the cells can use. So without it the body doesn’t get the required fuel amounts. This also results in the glucose amounts to skyrocket which is very dangerous. Over time the increased amounts of glucose in the blood causes damages such as heart disease, heart damage, kidney damage, nerve damage, and eventually blindness. All of this will make a diabetics life miserable in the long run, but with the proper care the effects will be limited. So learning how to lower glucose level is very important.

Lowering the blood glucose level can be quite easy with a few simple things such as diet, exercise, monitors, and charts. The proper diet can drastically improve the life of both diabetic and normal person. But a diabetic needs a correct diet because such foods as candy and fruits can wreak havoc on the blood sugar levels. Exercise is also very important and can help with lower fasting glucose level. But with both of these a doctor should be consulted with as he can give the correct amounts of each needed. A blood glucose monitor is also very useful as it allows you to check your blood sugar at any time. A chart can be made to record each test, but this can be applied to help lower cholesterol level to. So now you know how to lower glucose level.

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