Using Blood Glucose Charts

blood glucose charts

blood glucose charts

Diabetes is quickly becoming one of the greatest health care concerns of modern times, and if you are a diabetic the best way to keep a handle on your diabetes is by keeping track of your blood sugar by using blood glucose charts. Diabetes, if not properly treated, can lead to heart problems, kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy, coma, and even death. The only way to keep these things from happening is to keep your blood sugar as close to normal as possible for as much of the time as possible and this can be done with blood glucose charts.

When we ingest sugars or carbohydrates the body converts them into glucose, which is essentially the fuel for all our body’s systems. The thing about glucose is, it can only enter the cells and be used through the action of a hormone called insulin. In diabetics the body either does not produce enough insulin or has developed a resistance to the action of insulin, so glucose is left to build up in the blood stream. Levels of glucose that are too high begin to damage the body and cause the health problems usually associated with diabetes. Only through using blood glucose charts and keeping a constant watch on your glucose levels can diabetes be properly managed.

Blood glucose charts are indispensable when it comes to tracking and trending how your sugar levels change. By using blood glucose charts you can even begin to anticipate how eating certain foods, taking naps, exercise, and other factors will affect your glucose levels. By keeping track of this information and tracking it you will always be on top of any type of medication or dietary changes that need to be made in order to keep your glucose close to normal. When managing diabetes blood glucose charts are the best tool available.

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