Good Foods for Diabetics


good foods for diabetics

good foods for diabetics

Good foods for diabetics are generally the kinds of foods that would be good for anyone. The key issue in controlling diabetes by diet is to eat foods that will provide good healty nutrition without throwing glucose levels abnormally high. Since glucose is a simple form of sugar which the cells of the body need for fuel and glucose is present in nearly all foods it is therefore important for the diabetic to simply limit the consumption of foods that contain high levels of sugars and carbohydrates or starches which can be converted by the body into a large amount of glucose. This limiting of the glucose, or sugar, intake has the result of decreasing calorie intake to a large degree and therefore many of the diets that sre designed for weight loss are also good foods for diabetics. This means that to help maintain a glucose level that’s not too high the diabetic should limit their intake of sweets, potatoes, breads, pasta, and rice. As a general rule, white foods contain a good deal of starch which is easily converted into large amounts of glucose.

When good foods for diabetics, or even for weight loss, is considered one key thing to remember is that high protein foods are absolutely essential to maintain the muscles and keep the body healthy. Carbohydrates must be a part of everyone’s diet because they convert into glucose which the body needs for fuel, so no healthy diet can be a simple matter of not eating, the key is to eat the right foods in the right amounts.

The best place to get advice about good foods for diabetics is from the doctor responsible for the diabetic individual’s treatment. The doctor will be familiar with the individual’s dietary needs, medications, and overall health condition and will be able to either directly offer dietary advice or put the diabetic in touch with a nutritionist for assistance.

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