How to lower blood glucose

How to lower blood glucose

How to lower blood glucose readings is there an answer? Did you know that 1 in 25 Americansget diagnosed or told each day that they have high blood glucose or high cholesterol? But, whatdo we do about it?

If you get told, that you have a high glucose level or high cholesterol, you are not alone, 1 in 25Americans get told each and every day that they have high cholesterol and high glucose levels.Having high blood glucose levels or cholesterol can lead to many dangerous and seldom timeseven can lead to death.

Due to the low economy, loss of jobs and high cost of medications it is hard for everyone to fallinto the bracket of being able to afford all of the necessary prescriptions, machines and otherdevices or medical treatment that they may need in order to lower high blood glucose, lowerblood pressure or lower cholesterol but did you know that it can be done with little extra costs to you?

With the right knowledge and research there are hundreds of ways that one can get lower bloodpressure, lower cholesterol and even lower fasting blood glucose. How to lower blood glucoseis not rocket science, to some of us it may just be genetically inherited so we seem doomed fromthe start but you can beat it! By eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, drinking water and afew key vitamins anyone can get a hold on their glucose levels and lower cholesterol in no time!

Fish oil is a great supplement to use no matter if you already have medical problems such asdiabetes, high cholesterol or blood pressure. Fish oil tablets come in tablets, pills and capsules

and can be found in almost every drug store, health chain or grocery store around. Fish oil pillsare a great addition to ones daily routine and a great tool in how to lower blood glucose, lowercholesterol and lower blood pressure.

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