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Diabetic Watches

Nowadays, diabetic watches (also know as the glucose watch) are designed to be worn on the wrist just like a wristwatch. This is a non invasive procedure where the monitor checks the level of blood glucose by inducing a painless electric shock that draws interstitial fluids from the skin pores in order for the to obtain the blood glucose level.

diabetic watches

diabetic watches

Besides being painless, and it has no side effects, the devices can be used at any time of day and as regularly as you wish. The monitor records the readings and it can also be set to alarm in case the readings are too low or too high. Diabetic watches have made it quite easy to track changes throughout the day.

Tips for purchasing Diabetic Watches                   

1. Result speed We are living in a fast paced society where we want everything to be instant. Therefore, it is vital to purchase a diabetic watch band that guarantees instant results. Most glucose monitoring systems take less than 15 seconds to display the results.

2. Ease of use The display should be large enough in order for results to be clearly displayed and avoid reading errors. This is very helpful especially for people who have poor eyesight. Keep in mind, that too many buttons or features could turn out to be overwhelming especially for the elderly.

3. Memory In case you want to store the history of your blood sugar readings your diabetes monitoring device must have the memory function. Some glucose monitoring systems also have data ports. This allows diabetes patients to download their historical blood sugar readings to their personal computers for detailed analysis.

Diabetic Watches

Diabetic Watches

4. Batteries Check the charging life of the batteries and the type of batteries required. Some monitors use batteries that are readily available in most stores whereas others use batteries that are only available in specific places.

Diabetic watches and the companies that manufacture them.   

1. GlucoTrack This device was developed by Integrity Application and it uses three main technologies: conductivity, heat capacity and ultrasonic. The device comprises of a transmitter, main unit, processor, receiver, and an ear clip that contains sensors. GlucoTrack DF-F model received CE-Mark approval in June 2013 and Integrity application can sell this device in all the 28 European member states. Integrity Application hopes to submit GlucoTrack DF-F to regulators in USA as soon as possible. Moreover, the company plans to conduct various clinical studies in USA in the second half of 2014.

2. Symphony Symphony was developed by Echo-Therapeutics and it is a biochemical sensor based trans-dermal continuous monitoring system that reads and interprets the glucose level measurements.

3. Multi-sensor glucose monitoring system This system was developed by researchers at Solianis Monitoring and it delivers continuous data on blood glucose variations using the OpticalBridge technology.

Diabetic Watches


4. LighTouch Technology This device uses a technology that projects a spectrum of light into the patient’s finger. The device analyzes the colored light that is re-projected from the finger in order to measure the blood glucose level. Although Glucowatch was approved for use in USA by the FDA in August 2002, this decision was reversed in 2007. Non invasive glucose monitoring means that it is not necessary to prick your skin in order to get blood samples. Besides eliminating the pain completely, it is a simple way to avoid formation of scar tissue.A diabetic watch is a great accessory especially when it comes to taking proper care of diabetes patients. These gadgets and accessories are vital when it comes to

  • safe monitoring,
  • tracking,
  • management of diabetes in order to ensure that other medical problems and complications do not arise.

If left untreated, diabetes can easily cause grave medical complications.

Here at Diabetes Healthy Solutions, we are monitoring the advancements in technology closely, with regard to Diabetic Watches so visit us regularly for further updates.  


The Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor


 Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor

The continuous blood glucose monitor is a bit of new technology that may someday revolutionize the treatment and monitoring of those with blood glucose abnormalities brought about by the metabolic diseases known as diabetes. For anyone with diabetes the key to keeping the disease under control and the effects and symptoms in check is to maintain a blood glucose level that is as close to normal as possible, for as much of the time as possible. In some diabetics maintaining proper blood glucose levels may be no trouble at all, and in others blood glucose levels can fluctuate very rapidly. It is in those with rapid swings in blood glucose levels, or particularly hard to maintain blood glucose levels that the continuous blood glucose monitor really comes into its own.

The continuous blood glucose monitor of today, such as the glucowatch, is usually worn on the wrist like a wristwatch. The monitor checks blood glucose levels by administering a painless electric shock which draws interstitial fluid from the pores and this is read by the monitor to obtain a blood glucose level. This testing can be done with no pain or other side effects as often as every 20 minutes and the readings are recorded by the monitor, which can also be set to alarm if readings are too high or too low. With this kind of continuous sampling tracking and trending changes in blood glucose levels throughout the day is relatively easy.

While the present generation continuous blood glucose monitor cannot replace the finger stick blood glucose reading for spot on accuracy and dependability and should not be relied on as the only source of blood glucose level data, companies such as Abbott and Medtronic are diligently working on improving the technology. One day soon, the diabetic will be able to simply strap on their continuous blood glucose monitor and never have to suffer through another irritating finger stick to keep track of their blood glucose level.


Is the True Track Glucose Meter Reliable?

true track glucose meter

True Track Glucose Meter

When it comes to the true track glucose meter, is it reliable? The true track glucose meter is a safe and reliable glucose meter and is rated on top of the list when it comes to glucose meter rankings.

The true track glucose meter gets very good blood glucose content which allows for accurate and precise readings each and every time. That is one thing that many other glucose meters lack, blood glucose content. Diabetics do not realize how important it is to have good blood glucose content when they prick their finger or stick their arm in order to get a good blood glucose sample. With the true track lancets you can get a quick and easy stick each and every time with no pain.

True track glucose meters also have their own true track test strips, which fits perfectly and easily into the true track meter each and every time. For many diabetics this becomes a problem and they don’t realize it until they have already invested a lot of money into diabetic glucose machines. People or diabetics will invest good money into a brand name glucose meter and then go cheap on lancets and test strips not realizing that if your machine can’t read the test strips correctly or you have a hard time placing the test strips into the meters then you will not get accurate and precise readings each and every time.

In order to get accurate readings each and every time you need to buy good quality equipment or equipment that has all the same name so that they work well and properly with each other and everything can assure you precise readings. Having bad readings could not only harm your health but also lead you to having to take certain medications for the wrong reasons. Purchasing a true track glucose meter, true track lancets and true track test strips will give you assurance each and every time.


The Non Invasive Glucose Meter

Besides the inconveniences associated with being diabetic, such as monitoring what and when you eat, the greatest inconvenience is monitoring the blood sugar

non invasive glucose meterlevel. Nobody enjoys pulling out their meter consistently and having to prick their skin constantly in order to take a blood sample!

However, the development of the non invasive glucose meter is changing all that. This means that you don’t have   to stick your skin in order to get a blood sample. This is highly beneficial especially from a pain viewpoint and also because constantly sticking leads to the formation of scar tissue on your fingers. This makes it more difficult to get a blood sample and it requires sticking your finger deeper and harder.

Non Invasive Blood Sugar Monitoring Device


This exciting development in diabetes technology, will soon be available, in styles like the glucowatch, which is designed to be worn on the wrist. These meters work by drawing interstitial fluid through the sweat glands in the skin by using a small electric current. This electric current is so small that the only real discomfort associated with using the device is some possible irritation caused by wearing the device around the wrist or arm, and this is usually no more uncomfortable than wearing a large watch or MP3 player.

There’s loads of ADVANTAGES when it comes to the Non Invasive Glucose Meter

1. Ear clip                                                                                                     

Non Invasive Glucose MonitorWhether the device measures your blood glucose level using ultrasound or spectroscopy (light technology), the device will clip on your ear as you take the measurements.




2. Data storage                                                                                           

blood glucose machines

Every patient wants to see and categorize progress; therefore, devices such as the GlucoTrack can store thousands of readings and you can look at any particular range of dates.



3. Small and portable:                                                                            

diabetes testing machine A non invasive glucose meter is portable, small, cute  and handheld. The compact design of these devices offers a high level of privacy and diabetics can live discreetly.




4. A fast read                                                                                              

The devices boost convenience because you will get accurate readings of your blood sugar level in less than 10 seconds. Therefore, these devices provide a fast, highly discrete and simple testing experience. Moreover, testing can be done anywhere and at any time and the data sent securely to your tablet or Smartphone.

5. Living smart                                                                                           

glucometer without pricking


The non invasive glucose meter such as the Glucowise  use smart cloud technology and applications that deliver personalized alerts and advice helping you to manage your condition fully. For instance, intelligent analytics uses your historical and current data to forecast trends in the blood glucose level. This enables you to adjust your food and medication intake according to how you are feeling and your activities.!



6. Living affordably                                                                                   

With a no stick glucose meter, you can test your blood glucose level as often as you want without worrying about the pain or cost.

7. Living safe                                                                                               

Besides being highly reliable, a non invasive glucose meter offers high standards for accuracy and you can easily avoid the sudden and dangerous hypoglycemic events.

 By using this type of glucose meter you can have a blood glucose reading every 20 minutes for up to a 12 hour period and as many as four thousand readings can be stored in memory and viewed at the touch of a button. These types of glucose meters can also be set to alert you if your blood sugar gets too high or too low.

Latest Developments on the Non Invasive Glucose Meter.

This type of technology is brand new, and while there have been quite a few different styles and prototypes developed,  none are FDA approved as yet, but that should change in the not too distant future!  Imagine…no more constant finger pricks, leaving us all with sore and swollen fingers – we’ll keep you posted as to when we can expect the non invasive glucose meter to  be available commercially just follow this link for more info.

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The Bloodless Glucose Meter

If you are a diabetic and sick and tired of sore fingers and the pain associated with sticking your fingers every time you need to check your blood sugar, the ‘up Bloodless Glucose Monitorand coming’ bloodless glucose meter may be just what you need! These sought after meters will very soon be available, in styles like the glucowatch, which is designed to be worn on the wrist.

How Does the Bloodless Glucose Meter Work?

diabetic watchesThese particular meters work by drawing interstitial fluid through the sweat glands in the skin by using a small electric current. This electric current is so small that the only real discomfort associated with using the device is some possible irritation caused by wearing the device around the wrist or arm, and this is usually no more uncomfortable than wearing a large watch or MP3 player. The bloodless glucose monitor lives up to its name in that it is completely pain-free for most users and represents the newest and best in glucose monitoring technology.

 The meters of today are useful tools when it comes to tracking and trending blood glucose levels, especially over a long period of time such as twelve hours.Bloodless glucose meter By using the bloodless glucose meter you can have a reading every 20 minutes for up to a 12 hour period and as many as four thousand readings can be stored in memory and viewed at the touch of a button. The bloodless glucose meter can also be set to alert you if your blood sugar gets too high or too low.

Azurite: Developing the Bloodless Glucose Meter          

Azurite is a biotech company that is based in San Francisco and was co-founded by Laura Andrews and Kelly Zebrowski. The main aim of this biotech company is to build a non invasive, (or  bloodless glucose monitor).

A New approach to Non Invasive Glucose Testing.                            

Although this goal is quite familiar, Azurite has taken a different and unique approach where the blood glucose level will be measured through an EM (electromagnetic) sensing system. Therefore, the idea is mainly based on the fact that electromagnetic signals bounce off surfaces and return to the source with a pattern that reflects the surface they have encountered. Just like any other molecules, glucose molecules reflect unique electromagnetic signals based on their electrical properties. Therefore, Azurite also hopes to bounce electromagnetic signals off the glucose molecules in your blood which will return to the device for an interpretation of how much glucose they have encountered.

There are various research groups that have ascertained the blood glucose level successfully by simply observing electrical properties of blood glucose. Moreover, researchers from the University of Missisipi have demonstrated that a micro-strip patch antenna can help determine the blood glucose levels by measuring the electrical properties of the sample. Azurite has drawn from this research and works of other research groups that have examined electrical properties of blood glucose.

Azurite has modeled a fresh approach that will hopefully lead to a non invasive glucose monitoring device that uses electromagnetic technology to measure electrical properties remotely. Moreover the company is determined to make an impact on diabetics by creating a device that combines convenience and the rich data of accurate continuous testing.

Newest Technologies for Bloodless Glucose Meter                            

Although there are various technologies being used to develop non invasive testing devices including florescent technology, electromagnetic sensing, mid-infrared spectroscopy and ultrasound technology among other technologies, none has received FDA approval yet. arriva glucose meterHowever, the GlucoTrack has already received the CE Mark approval for use in the EU (European Union).

This type of technology is brand new, but definitely does have a secure place in the proper management of diabetes. Read on here for more info on the bloodless glucose meter.



AccuChek glucose meters

AccuChek glucose metersDid you realize that the AccuCheck glucose meters are one of the most popular at home glucose monitoring devices that there is on the market today? People who have diabetes need and depend on at home glucose monitoring devices the same as they do food and water. The AccuChek glucose meters are the most popular at home devices because of their portability, reasonable cost and dependability.

What is available with the AccuChek glucose meters?

The AccuChek glucose meters have their own name brand, high quality products and accessories that are specially designed to go hand in hand with the AccuChek glucose meters. There are AccuChek glucose strips which are designed especially for the AccuChek meters which slide right into the slot and are almost impossible to mess up and read wrongly.

Accuchek glucose meters are one touch!

The AccuChek glucose meters also come in one touch glucose meters which allow you to use the meter with the ease of one hand, which is a great advantage. By being able to use a one touch glucose meter, if you are controlling bleeding from the stick or taking the glucose level of an elderly patient or young child the one touch meter comes in handy.

AccuChek glucose meters, get great reviews!

The AccuChek glucose meter gets great reviews for their portability, ease of use, affordability, convenience as well as all of the other accessories that can be found to go with the AccuChek glucose meter. The AccuChek Blood glucose meter is a great little handy device that is not only used in many homes but also doctor’s offices, hospitals and on ambulances across the world. AccuCheck holds a high name on the chart of portable diabetes devices.

So when you are shopping for your portable glucose meter, purchase the AccuChek glucose meters, you can’t go wrong with all the unlimited features that it has.