What Should Diabetics Eat?

What should diabetics eat
What should diabetics eat

What should diabetics eat? Diabetics should eat the same as you and I, just within moderation and within reasoning. Diabetics can eat almost the same as a normal healthy person just without all of the added sugar, fat and salts.

A diabetic diet consists of more bland foods such as wheat products versus saltine crackers, regular white bread, whole milk, etc. because those products contain high amounts of carbohydrates and sugars or starches.

What should diabetics eat? Your diet should contain foods that are grown organic, does not contain sugars or fatty starches. If beans are fixed then they do not need to be fixed with added grease or sugar, wheat bread can be substituted for white bread and 2% milk can be drunk in place of regular whole milk.

What should diabetics not eat? A diabetic diet should not consist of sugary drinks such as regular soft drinks, kool-aid, sweet tea, etc. and instead be substituted or made with decaffeinated products or sugar substitutes.

The same as often times it is asked, what should children eat? Children need a good balance diet that doesn’t consist of high sugar such as candy, chips, and soft drinks, lots of kool-aid, fried foods and greasy or breaded foods and instead be substituted for fresh fruits and vegetables, grilled foods versus fried ones and diet soft drinks versus regular ones.

What should diabetics eat, should be a rule of thumb that most of us already live by or eat by, in moderation we would all become healthier, have better readings such as blood pressure, glucose readings and cholesterol. If we all ate as, “what should diabetics eat,” we would live a much better life and feel so much better about ourselves. Why not live a better life and eat with the motto, “what should diabetics eat,” in order to better ourselves?

If you feel you could be borderline diabetic – Read here about pre-Diabetes.

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