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Diabetic Diet Menu Sample

diabetic diet menu sample

diabetic diet menu sample

What is a diabetic diet menu sample? For most diabetics eating right isn’t just a choice but also the most effective part of being able to live a long, healthy life. If a diabetic doesn’t eat right it can start meaning life and death for them.

Diabetes is not a disease that can spread such as the flu or the common cold, but is a disease that is taking our nation by storm. Today more and more people are having to keep check on their diabetes so that they can safely manage their blood glucose levels and also make sure that they live a long, healthy and productive life at the same time. To a diabetic healthy foods with the right amounts of sugar can mean the same to their body as fuel to a car in order to go.

A healthy diabetic diet menu sample would look something like this..

Breakfast – Whole Wheat Bagel or Whole Wheat Toast with sugar free jelly, grits, deviled egg, hardboiled egg, cereal with 2% milk or peaches to name a few.

Snack – pretzels, peanuts, melba toast, popcorn or anything else that is low fat and doesn’t contain high amounts of sugar.

Lunch – sandwich meat, whole wheat bread, cucumbers, peaches, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, chicken, shrimp (not breaded) or anything with low sugar and low carbohydrates.

Supper – broiled fish, shrimp, tuna, chicken, steamed vegetables, cheese, protein such as beans

A diabetic sample menu can contain anything as long as you stay away from high carbohydrates and high sugar content. Avoid anything that is colored white. Breads, potatoes and rice are examples of this main rule. These foods are stuffed with complex sugar and will drive your blood sugar level to the sky. So talk to your doctor about a diabetic diet menu sample!