Diabetic food exchange list

diabetic food exchange list
diabetic food exchange list

When it comes to having diabetes there are many different types of foods that one loves and just finds it very hard to get away from but by knowing the right foods that you can substitute with you can still have all of those foods that you love just in moderation. A diabetic food exchange list is a great way to learn what foods you can eat in exchange for the bad ones.

For example, when it comes to eating fruits the best ones to eat are a small banana, apple, strawberries or an orange has less sugar than peaches, watermelon or pineapple. When it comes to vegetables carrots, broccoli, cabbage and zucchini is better for you raw than cooked. When you cook vegetables if you eat them raw they have less natural sugar than if you steam them.

For a lot of diabetics they love their meats and dairy but a diabetic food exchange list can help you eat the right ones instead of the ones that can run your sugar up. Non fat or low fat yogurt is better than the regular, the same as fat free or skim milk is much better than whole milk is. Almost any type of meat or protein is good foods for diabetics as long as they are not coated in bread, fried or have some type of fatty, sugary sauce poured all over them.

So many diabetics have a hard time switching their carbohydrates because who doesn’t love their carbohydrates? Pretzels, whole wheat bread or white bread is much better than Italian or other types of breads such as donuts.

Just because you are a diabetic doesn’t mean that you have to completely quit eating all of the foods that you love and enjoy eating. But, by having a diabetic food exchange list handy you can eat the right foods that are good for you and are much better health wise than the ones that can harm you.

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