What are Type 1 Diabetes Statistics?

type 1 diabetes statistics
type 1 diabetes statistics

What is type 1 diabetes statistics? Diabetes is a disease that is taking over the world by storm. 25.8 million Adults and children (just in America) have diabetes. This is probably due to diabetics passing the defective gene on (because they live longer) and today’s sweet filled diets. Diabetes is a disease where the body’s organ called the pancreas stops or slows in the manufacturing of a vital hormone called insulin. Insulin works with the body to transform the glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream into fuel that the cells can use. Without it the glucose cannot be absorbed into cells so it builds up in the blood stream. The damage that is done once it reaches a certain level is heart damage, eye damage, nerve damage, and kidney damage. This makes knowing type 1 diabetes statistics very serious. It also means that the world should be aware of these numbers.

Statistics for Type 1 diabetes-  25.8 million People have diabetes; 18 million are diagnosed with it. 79 million also suffer from pre-diabetes. It is believed that around 200000 die every year from diabetes. This also is responsible for 67% of high blood pressure cases, is the leading cause of blindness, and accounts for 44% of kidney failure cases. This makes this one of the more dangerous conditions. This can be slowed if people will eat low carb diets and avoid simple sugars. Our diets of candy bars and sugar filled fruit cause much of our diabetes cases. Today’s society also does very little exercise, these results in large amounts of sugar building up. If you are worried about having diabetes see if you have the symptoms and talk to your doctor about your chances of getting diabetes.

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