1200 calorie diabetic plan

1200 Calorie Diabetic PlanWhat is a good 1200 calorie diabetic plan? For diabetics a good diet means everything to them. If they eat wrong types of food their blood sugar explodes. If they eat too little food they can suffer hypoglycemia. So the right diabetic diet is everything.

Diabetes is a condition where the body produces too little of a chemical called insulin. (The pancreas organ is responsible) They chemical called insulin is responsible for changing the blood sugar in your blood into fuel that the body can use.

When too little of the insulin is in the blood the blood glucose levels begin to rise. Once they reach a certain high level they begin to cause severe damage to some of the body’s main components. The common damage that is done includes heart damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, and eye damage. This makes doing a 1200 calorie diabetic plan a must.

When the diabetics body has to little of the insulin it needs to consume foods that are low in sugar. First talk to your doctor and see what the kind of calorie diabetic plan he gives you. He may be able to give you a very good diabetic diet plan. Then talk to others who diabetics and see what their suggestions they can make. The main diabetic diet of a diabetic should consist of low sugar foods.

This means no large amounts of fruit or candy and the like. Also it should consist of high dietary fiber foods. Also when you talk to your doctor ask about some exercise. Exercise is needed when it comes to helping maintain a proper blood sugar. But only do as your doctor says it may become very dangerous if you over do it. So see about a 1200 calorie diabetic plan and what will fit your lifestyle and make controlling your diabetes better.

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