The Average Blood Glucose Level

average blood glucose level
average blood glucose level

Not long ago very few people ever had any concerns as to the average blood glucose level. In those days people rose early, drank coffee, ate eggs, biscuits, gravy, home fries, and any other high calorie, high cholesterol thing they could find, then went off to work with nary a though.

Those same people worked hard all day, smoked cigarettes by the pack, drank heavily and usually lived to the ripe old age of fifty or sixty before dying of heart disease, stroke, cancer, or diabetic complications. In modern times most people are a little more health conscious that their ancestors, and when you couple this with modern medicine this has led to an increase in life span and quality of life.

These days’ death and disability from heart disease, stroke, and cancer are on the decline, yet the number of people diagnosed with diabetes continues to climb each year. The average blood glucose level is becoming a chief concern of a growing number of people.

The average blood glucose level of a normal, healthy person is generally between 60 and 110. This isn’t a hard and fast rule however, as the average blood glucose level for the individual can vary according to age, weight, and other existing health problems, as well as time since the last meal was eaten. If you have a family history of diabetes and you start to experience increased thirst, increased appetite, and increased urination it may be time to be concerned with your average blood glucose level. If you experience these symptoms it is time to go see your doctor for a glucose tolerance test. Your doctor can tell you exactly what your average blood glucose level should be, and if you are diagnosed with diabetes your doctor can put you on track to knowing how to maintain your average blood glucose level.

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