What are Diabetic Insulin Pumps?

Diabetic Insulin Pumps

What are diabetic insulin pumps? Type 1 diabetics need insulin. Insulin is a chemical used by the body that the diabetic is not creating enough of on his own. Diabetes is a very serious non-commendable condition and serious disease. This serious condition affects over 28 million people in the United States alone. The rest of our world is just as tortured with the condition.

This serious disease is very permanent and can be very life threatening to the diabetics body. The serious Diabetes condition is where the person’s body is producing small or none of vital chemical called insulin. The pancreas organ is responsible for the construction of this vital chemical. The insulin hormone is used by the diabetic’s body as a sugar bonding enzyme.

The serious chemical must bind with the body’s blood sugar before the body’s cells are able to use the fuel. Without it the blood sugar levels begin to rise and begin to damage the body’s organ systems. Type ii diabetes is where the diabetic person has had a high blood sugar level for such a longtime that their body has suffered serious damage and is no longer creating enough of this vital chemical. However with this type of serious diabetes the body is still producing enough that the diabetic body does not need insulin injections.

The serious damage with the diabetes disease is damage to major body cells. The person’s cells are most commonly seriously damaged by the diabetes are the main heart cells, the kidney cells, the eye cells, and the nerve cells. All of these serious diabetic damages are very permanent and will not be notice by the diabetic till years later in their lives.

What are Diabetic Insulin Pumps?

Diabetic insulin pumps are pumps that allow the insulin to be removed. They can then inject the insulin so that their body may use it.

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