What are diets for diabetes type 2?

Diets for Diabetes Type 2

Diets for Diabetes Type 2

Diets for diabetes type 2 are diets that help people who have the diabetes condition type two. These diets consist of low sugar and carbohydrate intake and high protein and dietary fiber intake.

Diabetes is a very serious condition/ disease that is taking over the United States and all 1st world countries. This disease is where there is too much sugar in the blood and this causes damage to the body. There are three main forms of this deadly disease called diabetes.

The first form of the disease called diabetes is called diabetes type 1. This is where the pancreas fails to produce enough of chemical called insulin. This chemical is responsible for changing blood sugar into fuel that the cells are able to use. Without it the blood sugar levels rise since the sugar is not used. This form is usually starts when they are born because they have a defective pancreas.

The second form of the disease is called type 2 diabetes. This form is when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the body does not except the insulin as needed. This will also lead to high blood sugar. This form is often caused by being overweight and eating sugar loaded foods.

The last form is called gestational diabetes and this form is dangerous to the babies health. Luckily this form of diabetes goes away after the woman has delivered the child. So what are diets for diabetes Type 2?

Diets for diabetes type 2 are diets that limit sugar intake. Foods like candy, cakes, and pies are loaded in simple sugars. The other things are potatoes, bread, and pasta these things are complex sugars but will do the same thing to the body. So talk to your doctor about getting on a diet for diabetes type 2?

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