Is diabetes heredity?

is diabetes hereditary

is diabetes hereditary

Is diabetes hereditary is a question that a growing number of people are asking. This is especially true now that diabetes rates are increasing each and every day, and as of now juvenile diabetes is fast becoming the single biggest chronic health problem faced by the modern population of young people. The answer to is diabetes hereditary isn’t always apparent and studies have been going on for years to answer the question and yet a clear answer is not forthcoming as doctors, scientists, and analysts struggle to find the single greatest causative factor for the disease in the hopes that once the cause is found a cure will soon follow. Diabetes may well be genetically induced and if so then the defective gene may be some day isolated so that prenatal diagnosis can be made and perhaps a cure found through gene therapy and or in-vitro treatments. Though as of this writing such types of therapy belong in the realms of science fiction rather than in the realm of what is medically possible with the limited amount of knowledge and technology available today.

For many people the question is diabetes hereditary is one that is asked when they or a family member has the disease and they want to know the chances of passing it on to their children, either before having children or in order to be more vigilant for symptoms in the children they already have. Diabetes can be a heredity thing and the best thing that you can do in order to prevent yourself from getting diabetes and making sure that you take care of yourself as well as your health is to make sure that you get plenty of diet and exercise. By eating right and making sure that you take care of yourselves you can rest assured that in the long run you can possibly prevent yourself from getting an illness such as diabetes and also make sure that you can live a longer, healthier life.

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