The importance of keeping a list of diabetic medications.

list of diabetic medications

list of diabetic medications

There are many reasons that a list of diabetic medications is neededh. What happens if a accident happens and you are put in the hospital it can make finding your prescribed medication a severe problem. Having a list of diabetic medications displayed in a open area such as a refrigerator door is needed in such cases as family members may have a hard time hunting down all the medications needed.

The American Diabetes Association also supports the use of a list of diabetic medications. Things that should be included on the list are januvia, metformin, and list insulin medications. These are only a few of the things that should be placed on the list. Other things include aspirin, ibuprofen, and other medications like such. These medications should be placed in an organized form for easy reading. The exact amount of each medication taken and when it is taken should also be included. The site that it is taken should also be included for easy instructions (such as injected here or swallowed by mouth). There is also the case of you losing your medications in which case a list of the exact medications are needed so you can get them refilled. This is very angerous as without your medications you may have to go to hospital.

So having a list of diabetic medications is very important and may save your life. The list of medications may continue to grow as your diabetes needs more and more medications. As soon as a new medication is prescribed it should be added to the list and how it is taken and when. So if you don’t have such a list or don’t have it placed where it is easily seen do so as it may save your life or come in handy later on in life. If you are diabetic, always keep a list of diabetic medications handy.

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