What are some great meal plans for diabetics?


meal plans for diabetics
meal plans for diabetics

What are some great meal plans for diabetics? For diabetics eating is a hassle. Can I eat this, should I eat that? This is a common problem for diabetics as the slightest mistake and your blood sugar could be sent of the scale. Diabetes is a disease that affects millions of people in the United States alone. Diabetes is where the pancreas (a important organ) fails to create the needed amounts of insulin. Insulin is needed to keep the body running. It binds with the glucose molecules in the bloodstream to make a form of fuel that the cells can use.

Without the proper amounts of the hormone the sugar levels begin to increase as they are not used. When they reach a critical level they start to cause damage to the body. The most common damage done to is heart damage, eye damage, nerve damage, and kidney damage. This makes diabetics watching what their blood sugar is and what their eating a very important situation. So planning a meal plan for diabetics is hard.

So what are some good meal plans for diabetics? Food that for one should never be consumed by a diabetic is candy bars and sweets of that sort, as they are pure simple sugars. Fruit is also a no-no as they are pure simple sugars to and can send blood sugars high. The food that is high in Carbohydrates should also be avoided. Carbohydrates must be eaten as they are your body’s fuel but should be eaten in low amounts.

Foods like bread are pure carbohydrates so should be eaten sparingly. Proteins should be consumed massively to help keep you slim and growing muscles. Meats, beans, and fish are good sources of this essential material. Fish is an absolute hit as it is full of protein and omega-3s. So talk to your doctor about a meal plan for diabetics.

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