Scholarships for diabetics


scholarships for diabetics

scholarships for diabetics

Did you know that there are scholarships for diabetics out there? Most people don’t. There seems to be scholarships for almost any person these days but the most hidden one seems to be the scholarships for diabetics.

When people find out that they are diabetic it doesn’t seem to matter what your position is in life, you can be rich and famous, poor and broke or just a middle class person diabetes can end up costing a person a lot of money each and every month especially if a person doesn’t have insurance to help out with the added extra costs that a person wasn’t used to on a regular or monthly basis.

Some of the many extra added costs of being a diabetic is the medication that it takes in order to regulate your diabetes which can range anywhere from $20 to $300 dollars or more each prescription, test strips which can cost over $20 a box, $50 for a glucometer, then there is the added extra costs of insulin, syringes, lancets and not to mention the extra doctor visits in order to keep a close check on your diabetes. So when a person doesn’t have a job due to a business closing or they are a student it can take a toll on their financial situation.

With the economy being so low and jobs hard to come by it makes it hard enough for working people with college education to find jobs but imagine being a student with no job, no insurance and having diabetes. Anyone planning on going to college needs all the help that they can get especially if they have a health condition with no insurance so why not have scholarships for diabetics, who could use it more than someone with constant extra medical bills each and every month?

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