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Diabetic Diet Menu Sample

diabetic diet menu sample

diabetic diet menu sample

What is a diabetic diet menu sample? For most diabetics eating right isn’t just a choice but also the most effective part of being able to live a long, healthy life. If a diabetic doesn’t eat right it can start meaning life and death for them.

Diabetes is not a disease that can spread such as the flu or the common cold, but is a disease that is taking our nation by storm. Today more and more people are having to keep check on their diabetes so that they can safely manage their blood glucose levels and also make sure that they live a long, healthy and productive life at the same time. To a diabetic healthy foods with the right amounts of sugar can mean the same to their body as fuel to a car in order to go.

A healthy diabetic diet menu sample would look something like this..

Breakfast – Whole Wheat Bagel or Whole Wheat Toast with sugar free jelly, grits, deviled egg, hardboiled egg, cereal with 2% milk or peaches to name a few.

Snack – pretzels, peanuts, melba toast, popcorn or anything else that is low fat and doesn’t contain high amounts of sugar.

Lunch – sandwich meat, whole wheat bread, cucumbers, peaches, fresh fruit, cottage cheese, chicken, shrimp (not breaded) or anything with low sugar and low carbohydrates.

Supper – broiled fish, shrimp, tuna, chicken, steamed vegetables, cheese, protein such as beans

A diabetic sample menu can contain anything as long as you stay away from high carbohydrates and high sugar content. Avoid anything that is colored white. Breads, potatoes and rice are examples of this main rule. These foods are stuffed with complex sugar and will drive your blood sugar level to the sky. So talk to your doctor about a diabetic diet menu sample!


What are Good Diabetic Menu Plans?

Diabetic Menu Plans

Need a good diabetic menu plan?

For most diabetics eating right isn’t a choice – it’s more like it’s part of their lives. Without the proper diet and exercise the diabetic’s body will begin to suffer damage and the end result will be a rather short and miserable life – not a pretty picture!

Common Diabetes is a very serious non-communicable disease that is currently spreading over the United States and the entire world.

One Simple Rule for Your Diabetic Meal Plans

If you want to have a great diabetic menu plan, you only need to follow one golden rule – avoid anything that is colored white.

Breads and potatoes are examples of this main rule. These foods are stuffed with complex sugar and will drive your blood sugar level to the sky.  White sugar, and anything that has white flour in it are also items that you really need to stay away from.

That means the following should not appear on your diabetic menu:

  • Donuts
  • Buns
  • Cupcakes
  • Anything Sweetened with white sugar
  • Bagels

The bottom line is that a healthy diabetic menu isn’t that far off from the popular Atkin’s diet.  Carbs and sugar are the enemy, while protein, vegetables and limited portions of fruit are the answer.

Why Diabetic Menu Plans are SO Good!

If you haven’t tried eating and following the rules on this page, perhaps you should.  You might be doing yourself a massive favor.  Not only will you start to feel better, your skin will likely become more clear, you’ll sleep better, you’ll have more energy, you’ll be more relaxed, you’ll feel lighter.

There’s a whole bunch of benefits to eating like this even if you are a non diabetic.  So, don’t be afraid to mix things up in the kitchen and try eating like a diabetic.

Key Elements of Diabetic Menu Plans

Lean protein is one of the first things to consider when putting together a diabetic meal.  So this means, that chicken, turkey, pork and fish are in, and beef is out.  That’s not to say that beef can’t be served on occasion, but generally speaking, sticking to the leaner meats will be the perfect way to start.

Remember to add in some good veggies to your meals, but skip the temptation to add the potato – because it’s white!  Another important thing to keep in mind here is that your veggies can be sliced up and eaten as snacks throughout the day if you find yourself getting hungry.

Milk and cheese are all good, but try to stick to the low-fat options as much as possible.   Yogurt is another great diabetic friendly food that can be added to any meal, and combined with some fresh berries makes for an excellent dessert or snack.

Dessert and Sweets:
There are a number of different ways that you can sweeten your food without using white sugar.  You need to be careful here not to trick yourself that while not using white sugar you may be using something that is equally refined and damaging to your body.

Fruit is a really good option because it’s sweet and also delicious and has not been processed or refined.  When you are choosing fruit, berries are some of the best because they are naturally very high in antioxidants.

Once you have weened yourself off of sugar and salt addiction and your sense of taste has started to come back you’ll be amazed at how flavorful and sweet some fruits really are!  I remember from my experiments with diabetic meal plans that cherries were so super sweet and full of taste that I almost couldn’t eat them.  Once you have transitioned to a more natural way of eating, it’s almost like you’ll have a chance to rediscover how food tastes again for the first time – truly amazing!


What is healthy eating for diabetics?

healthy eating for diabetics

healthy eating for diabetics

What is healthy eating for diabetics? For diabetics eating right isn’t a choice but is part of their lives. Without the proper food and health concern the diabetic’s body will suffer damage and their life will be short and very miserable. Diabetes is a very serious non-communicable disease that is currently spreading over the United States and the entire world. Today’s sugary stuffed filled food and sweet dessert foods and the ability for diabetics to live longer lives and reproduce is only gasoline to the already massive firestorm. Diabetes is a non-communicable permanently damaging disease where the person’s body is not getting the required amounts of vital chemical called insulin. This absolutely necessary chemical/hormone called insulin hormones are produced by the main pancreas organ. For some unknown medical reasons the pancreas organ will stop or slow in construction of this chemical/hormone. This chemical/hormone is used by the body’s endocrine systems to transform the blood sugar (blood glucose) in the blood into fuel that the cells are able to use. Without the proper amounts of this necessary blood sugar changing chemical/hormone the blood glucose levels in the blood stream begin to rise to extremely high levels. Once they reach a certain high level the body organs begins to suffer cell damage to most systems. The major cell damage most commonly associated with high levels is severe nerve cell damage, heart cell damage, kidney cell damage, and severe eye cell damage. But this can all be avoided if the diabetic can drop their high blood sugar amounts and keep it at that lower blood sugar level. So what is healthy eating for diabetics?

Healthy eating for diabetes goes by one main rule. Avoid anything that is white. Breads and potatoes are examples of this rule. These foods are stuffed of complex sugar and will drive your blood sugar level skyward. So talk to your doctor about healthy eating for diabetics.


Diabetic Inhaler

Diabetic Inhaler

Diabetic Inhaler

Asthmatics have long been familiar with using inhaled medications to treat their disease, but one of the newest forms of treatment for the diabetic is the diabetic inhaler. It has long been know that many medications work extremely well when inhaled into the lungs, and the diabetic inhaler uses a form of insulin that is readily absorbed by the lungs and goes quickly into the blood stream where it mediates the passage of glucose from the blood into the cell where it is uses for energy. Insulin has been in use since the 1920’s and is the preferred drug of choice to help lower excessively high levels of blood glucose such as those seen in many diabetics. It is these high levels of glucose which can cause the worst effects of diabetes such as blindness, peripheral neuropathy, kidney failure, liver problems, heart problems, coma, and even death.

Traditionally insulin has been taken by the diabetic either by self administered injection or by the use of a surgically implanted insulin pump. The diabetic inhaler uses the new form of insulin called Exubera.

Exubera comes in a dry powder form and is held in a multiple dose inhaler. In order to take the medication all the diabetic has to do is place the inhaler in their mouth and pump the dose out while at the same time inhaling the medication into their lungs. This is a vast improvement over the much more invasive multiple painful injections most diabetics were being forced to take each and every day just to control their blood sugar.

If you or someone you know is a diabetic who currently uses injected insulin as a means of diabetes control, ask your doctor about Exubera. With the diabetic inhaler your next injection could be your last and you will be free from the needle forever.


Foods diabetics should avoid


Foods diabetics should avoid

Foods diabetics should avoid

Diabetics and people without diabetes all need to be on a diet and monitor what they eat. Some of the foods diabetics should avoid are foods high in sugar, soft drinks and carbohydrates. As we all know carbohydrates all turn into sugar so not eating carbohydrates is a definite foods diabetics should avoid.

Along with carbohydrates other foods diabetics should avoid are soft drinks, soft drinks are mainly dark sugars and caffeine and both of these can be a lethal combination for diabetics. Other foods diabetics should avoid are white bread, pasta, pasta sauces, ice cream, milkshakes, whole milk, chocolate and candy just to name a few. Other foods diabetics should avoid are cookies, potatoes and fruit. Although this sounds like a pretty limited selection it really isn’t. Diabetics can still eat pretty much anything as long as it is eaten in moderation and limited.

We all think of fresh fruit and vegetables as being pure healthy but in all reality fresh fruit is very high in sugar, natural sugar so not overeating a lot of fresh fruit is a wise choice. Vegetables, meat, fruit, starches, cheeses all can be eaten by diabetics you just need to read labels more carefully and be aware of some of the hidden names or dangers behind the words and descriptions.

Foods diabetics should avoid are really not too detrimental or long as long as the choices are smart ones and you read the labels and use sugar substitutes such as Splenda or Sweet in Low in your cooking. We all seem to think that once a person is diabetic the list of foods diabetics should avoid is long and lengthy but it really isn’t, just moderation is the key thing. But then again who shouldn’t eat foods in moderation? By eating foods in moderation we are watching what we eat and limiting our calorie intake so that we can remain healthy and live a longer more productive life.


Diabetic food stores


Diabetic food stores

Diabetic food stores

Diabetic food stores are everywhere, in shopping centers, retail stores, grocery stores, wholesale stores and many other places offer diabetic food stores and diabetic food products. Diabetic food stores specialize in diabetic products such as herbal supplements, diabetic snack foods, meals and so many more diabetic items that are specialized just for diabetics.

Diabetic food stores can be found online and are based throughout the United States and many other countries because so many people are diabetics and are constantly looking for diabetic foods, snacks and other products that they can try that does not contain a lot of sugar or carbohydrates.

Are you looking for great diabetic recipes that can be prepared in no time? Diabetic food stores can help you with that, they provide you with a wide variety and choices so that you can purchase precooked and premade diabetic meals in a hurry. Rather you need to go to work and just don’t have time to prepare anything or you just come in late and don’t have time to cook by having the option to purchase diabetic food at diabetic food stores around the nation maybe the right solution for you.

Diabetic food stores are great alternatives for the people on the go or the people who just don’t have time to cook. Diabetic food stores are a great choice for people who are unsure about preparing diabetic meals without sugar so they would rather purchase them already made and just take the time to heat them up.

So if you want great choices and have limited time in your life to either prepare your meals or you would like to buy them premade so that all you have to do is heat them to save money then a diabetic food store may be the right choice for you.


The uses of free blood glucose meters


free blood glucose meters

free blood glucose meters

For diabetic using free blood glucose meters is a have to, not a choice. For them survival is using free blood glucose meters. Diabetes, also known as hyperglycemia, is a disease that is slowly taking over the world. With today’s sweet filled food diabetes is becoming more common. Diabetes is where the body begins to stop or slow in the production of a chemical called Insulin. Insulin is a very important chemical that the body uses to convert the sugar in the blood stream into fuel that the body can use. When the insulin levels are low the sugar levels are high and when they reach a certain level they begin to cause damage. The damage that the high blood sugar causes is heart damage, kidney damage, nerve damage, and eye damage. This means using free blood glucose meters are absolutely needed.

When diabetics are first diagnosed they suddenly have a lot of new expenses and some can’t afford all of these new expenses. So getting new free blood glucose meters are a need. If you can’t afford a new blood glucose meter first talk to your doctor. Your doctor may be able to help with getting free blood glucose meters. If not you should then go online as there are several sites that may be able to get you free diabetic equipment or cheap equipment. A blood glucose meter is a small handheld device that is used to measure the blood sugar. First a small sample of blood is added to a strip of plastic known as a test strip. This strip is inserted into the machine and the glucose meter then measures it. The results are then displaced on the screen. These results are very accurate and very fast allowing quick easy blood monitoring.


What are the acceptable blood glucose levels?

acceptable blood glucose levels

acceptable blood glucose levels

Do you know what the acceptable blood glucose levels really are? Many people who suffer from diabetes wonder what a normal life would be without the constant checking and monitoring of their acceptable blood glucose level. When you or a loved one is told that you have diabetes, it is from the result that your body isn’t producing enough insulin or that your cells are not responding in a normal fashion with the rest of your body which means that a unacceptable blood glucose level would not be okay for your body and can even become toxic and result in death. Continue Reading →


Toddlers with Diabetes: Caring for the Littlest Patients

Toddlers with diabetes are suffering from Kind one diabetes, also identified as juvenile diabetes or diabetes juvenile. The number of kids below the age of 5 currently being diagnosed with diabetes juvenile has virtually doubled in the past 5 a long time. Caring for toddlers is a challenge beneath the very best of circumstances, and toddlers with diabetes require even more unique care and attention.

Very first, if you are asking yourself no matter whether your toddler has diabetes in the initial place, right here are some indications to appear for:

•often complains of feeling thirsty
•hungry much more often
•suddenly loses fat
•urinates a lot more than normal, diapers more wet than usual
•occasional fruity smelling breath

If you observe any of these signs in your child, go over with your physician the likelihood you have a toddler with diabetes.

You or your caregiver will have to closely monitor your child’s blood sugar throughout the day to be certain it stays inside a safe range. Ideally this indicates 6-12 mmol just before meals.

Toddlers with diabetes also demand day-to-day insulin shots, which can be traumatic for you as nicely as your youngster! When administering equally finger pricks for the blood sugar assessments and the insulin shots, you really should be as fast and calm as possible about the process. If your little one is enjoying, go wherever he or she is fairly than possessing them arrive to you. That helps create the technique as just a standard component of their day.

Of course, your little one will resist these methods, and it can be challenging for mothers and fathers and caregivers to don’t forget they are carrying out this for the child’s well being. It need to be performed, even so, and you may well have to discover to restrain the child gently. It also helps to give them a huge hug and a kiss after it is completed to make certain they realize you nonetheless love them even though this hurt a bit.

One more difficulty is that toddlers with diabetes can’t tell you when they are feeling the results of reduced blood sugar, which is another purpose for watchful monitoring.
Toddlers in general can be picky eaters, and toddlers with diabetes are no different. The challenge here is in creating certain that all your alternatives fit inside a wholesome and proper diabetic diet. Have as vast a choice of these foods accessible as feasible so that when they do refuse selected meals, you can tempt them with an proper choice.

Toddlers with diabetes ought to otherwise produce the exact same way, and at the very same charge, as other young children of their age. So as lengthy as you get the necessary precautions to deal with the diabetes, and your youngster seems normal in all other methods, there’s no purpose why he or she shouldn’t be a flawlessly nutritious and pleased child.