Vinegar and Diabetes

Vinegar and DiabetesThe old adage is that you are what you eat, meaning that the things we put in our mouths can have a profound effect on our health and this may be true with the relationship between vinegar and diabetes. While it is true that many people scoff at the idea that something as simple as a spoonful of vinegar could possibly have any effect whatsoever on a dreaded and complicated disease like diabetes there are a few facts that should be taken into account first.

One common question is, “how can vinegar, which is an acid, have anything to do with diabetes which has to do with sugar?” The truth is that whether a person is talking about vinegar and diabetes or coffee and bacon the fact remains that our bodies take in and metabolize whatever we put into them. Practically anything we put in our body has some type of effect on all the bodies’ systems.

Are Vinegar and Diabetes Related?

The body is designed to keep everything in the correct balance through homeostasis, and this balance can be altered by any number of things, including what we eat or drink. So, in a nutshell, it just may be possible for a spoonful of vinegar taken by mouth to affect the insulin output of the pancreas and the way glucose is processed by the body.

Can the Relationship Between Vinegar and Diabetes Cure the Disease?

Ever since the first man recognized the first disease there have been claims of miraculous cures. The truth is that no matter what anyone says diabetes is, at the present time, incurable. Whether the subject is vinegar and diabetes, lemon juice diabetes, apple cider vinegar diabetes, or balsamic vinegar diabetes, or oil of bat and tongue of dog as a cure for diabetes, the fact remains that there is no cure, but there are highly effective treatments.

What is Vinegar and Diabetes Good For?

While vinegar is no cure for diabetes, there have been recent studies which suggest that it may be nearly as effective as some of the more commonly prescribed medications at controlling the disease. There are many different vinegar dosing regimens and amounts, but it does seem that vinegar has some effect on how the body processes sugars. While it is never a good idea to just stop taking your prescription medication, there is some evidence that by taking vinegar and talking with your doctor you may be able to better control your diabetes by a natural, rather than pharmaceutical, method.

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