What is a blood sugar test kit?


blood sugar test kit

blood sugar test kit

What is a blood sugar test kit? A diabetic depends on blood sugar test kits to stay alive and to live with few health problems. A blood sugar test kit is a kit that allows diabetics to check their blood sugar level. This is very important to the diabetic as it means life or death. Diabetes is a disease that is taking over the world with today’s sugar filled diets. Also thanks to modern technology diabetics live to older ages and are allowed to pass on the defective gene that causes diabetes. Diabetes is where the organ known to many as the pancreas manufactures to little of the chemical called Insulin. Insulin is a chemical used by the body to change sugar in the blood into fuel that the body’s cells can use. So when the Insulin levels are low the sugar levels begin to rise to dangerous levels. At a certain levels the excess sugar begins to cause damage such as heart damage, kidney damage, nerve damage, and eye damage. This means that the blood sugar has to be monitored so that it doesn’t cause damage. So that is what the blood sugar test kit.

A proper blood sugar test kit has several items including a lancet, test strips, and a blood glucose meter.

A lancet is a small needle like tool that is used to prick the finger. The blood that is drawn with the lancet is then tested. The test strips (which are small plastic strips with chemicals in them) then take the blood in a little groove in them and through chemical reactions show the blood sugar level. The blood glucose meter is a small handheld device that reads the reactions in the test strip and displays the results on a small screen. This is what a proper blood sugar test kit is and what it is for.

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