Diabetes Car Donation

Diabetes Car Donation

A diabetes car donation is a new and novel approach to helping the American Diabetes Foundation and other diabetes treatment organizations find the funding they need in the search for a cure and the fight for better and more effective treatments. When you make a diabetes car donation you will be helping millions of people as they struggle against diabetes, and who knows the dollar that comes from your donated car may be the one that funds a cure and puts an end to the terrible disease.

A diabetes car donation is just one type of vehicle donation you can make to the American Diabetes Association and organizations like it. Most organizations will also gladly accept donations not only of cars, but also of trucks, recreational vehicles and even boats. Any donation made to this type of not for profit organization is of course tax deductible and a receipt of the tax value will be supplied to you by the organization to which you are donating.

Making a donation like this can get rid of that old car that’s not being used quickly and easily and without all the hassle of advertising and allowing people to test drive and come to your home just to see if they are interested in purchasing the car. You won’t even have to worry about fixing the mechanical problems of your old car before you can make the donation, and most of the time anytime a donation like this is made the organization receiving the donation will provide for the car to be removed from your property with no expense to you at all.

Best of all when you make a diabetes car donation you will have a great deal of personal satisfaction in knowing that your old unwanted car is going to the cause of helping people in their fight against diabetes.

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