How important is a Normal Diabetes Sugar Count

Diabetes Sugar CountThere is really no such thing as a normal diabetes sugar count, since so called “normal” sugar levels can be affected by the patient’s weight, build, age, and other health conditions. Only a physician can determine what a normal diabetes sugar count is for the individual and it is of utmost importance that sugar levels be maintained as close to “normal” as possible to head off the myriad of detrimental effects that come from constantly elevated or decreased sugar levels.

For starters there are two types of diabetes, type one which usually begins to cause problems in early childhood, and type two which usually becomes a problem during the adult years. The body needs sugar to function, not table sugar, but a special sugar called glucose which the body processes from the foods we eat.

How is the Diabetes Sugar Count Affected by the Disease?

In order for glucose to be used by the cells it requires a hormone called insulin to be present in the blood. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and in type one diabetes the pancreas has either a decreased or completely absent insulin production and requires that the patient inject themselves with insulin in order to keep their diabetes sugar count somewhat normal. Type two diabetes also results from poor or absent insulin production but is often manageable with special diets or oral medications.

At Home Diabetes Sugar Count

Checking and keeping a log of their diabetes sugar count is a way of life for many diabetics. This is made easy with a small device called a glucometer. When using a glucometer a small blood sample is taken, usually by pricking a finger, and the drop of blood is placed on a test strip which is read in a few seconds by the glucometer. The diabetic can then keep track of their blood sugar content to make sure that they remain within acceptable levels.

The Diabetes Sugar Count is Important

Diabetes can cause blindness, heart problems, kidney problems, coma, death, loss of sensation in the extremities, loss of the ability to heal even small wounds and a great number of other terrible associated symptoms. By keeping a constant check on their diabetes sugar count and reacting accordingly the patient can remain free of the worst health effects and live a long and normal life.

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