New Findings – Sugarcane and Diabetes

With more than 250 people being diagnosed with diabetes every day, the disease is undoubtedly widening its grip on Australians. Although there is still no cure, trials on new treatment for diabetes have shown remarkable promise for patients. This is all due to a highly unlikely source; sugarcane. New trials have shown that sugarcane boost intestinal health which demonstrates positive effects especially in the treatment of diabetes.

Diabetes can easily wreck havoc on the health of its victims when it is poorly managed.  This increases the likelihood of patients suffering a stroke, heart attack, loss of vision, amputation and kidney damage.

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Fit, slender and without a history of diabetes, it was highly unlikely that Simon De Crespingly could be a candidate for type II diabetes.  However, in 2011 a test revealed that he was at the brink of developing Diabetes 2.

What is the relationship between Sugarcane and Diabetes?

  • Low Glycemic Index

Although this made him quite emotional, taking a health drink known as NutriKane D daily had remarkable effects on Simon. In fact, clinical tests suggest that it helps stabilize blood glucose levels. Research has shown that adding sugar cane juice to tonic lowers the GI (Glycemic Index) of food thus stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Sugarcane juice provides essential amounts of energy (sugar) in a safe manner. This makes it a perfect energy drink especially for diabetics.

Sugarcane juice for diabetes, does sugar cause diabetes

Sugar that is derived from plants is processed in the liver, not the small intestine. Therefore, sugar from sugarcane (glucose and fructose) is absorbed slowly which reduces the likelihood of spikes in blood sugar. Therefore, sugarcane juice for diabetes patients may help regulate blood sugar.

Simon De Crespingly went from low range Type 2 Diabetes of 12.3 down to 6.8. Although sugarcane seems like an unlikely element in fighting against high blood sugar levels, Australian medical researchers have discovered that sugarcane is rich in hard-to-digest fiber which promotes growth of good gut bacteria.

Stuart Eastwood, Diabetes NSW CEO cautioned patients against ditching healthy eating habits and exercise just yet since this natural product was in its initial testing stages.

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