Foods diabetics should avoid

Foods diabetics should avoid

Foods diabetics should avoid

All diabetics want to know what food diabetics should avoid? As with any medical condition or health problem, there are some key foods diabetics must avoid.

We all know that it doesn’t matter if you have diabetes or a heart condition there are always a list of foods that we should or should not eat. Some of the keyvegetables that diabetics should avoid are potatoes and items that have a high content because the starch one consumed will break down into sugar and we all know that too much sugar is bad for diabetes.

Some of the fruits that diabetics should avoid are pineapples, peaches and other fruits that contain a lot of natural sugar. The natural sugar in the fruits are what can send a diabetics body into a whirlwind.

When you first start out learning that you are a diabetic it may seem like the list of food diabetics should avoid is a mile long and it almost makes you feel like there is absolutely nothing good left to eat but there is. Eating foods that are low in sugar such as yogurt, rice pudding, using a sugar substitute instead of sugar, jell-o, wheat bread instead of white, melba toast instead of saltine crackers all are great foods to eat because they are low in sugar.

If you or someone you know has just learned that they have diabetes the best place to get a list of foods diabetics should avoid is to ask your doctor or physician who can give you a standard routine list or you can learn what types of foods diabetics should avoid by trial and error. Each time you take your blood glucose level you will know what you just ate and you will know then what foods diabetics should avoid because it will affect your readings.

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