What is High Blood Sugar Numbers and its Causes

The question of “what is high blood sugar numbers?” is a valid one. A person who has diabetes, heart problems, hypoglycemia or some other medical condition should keep tabs on his or her blood sugar level. If one’s blood sugar level is more or less than what it should be, this could cause serious heart problems.

Average Blood Sugar Range

High Blood Sugar Numbers, high blood sugar levelMedical website lifeclinic.com notes that the average person should have a blood sugar number ranging from 70 mg/dl to 120 mg/dl most of the time. Blood sugar up to 140 mg/dl is acceptable right before bedtime. However, each person is different and some people do have a different “safe range” than the one noted above. Consulting a medical professional is the only way for a person to establish his or her safe blood sugar average.

What are High Blood Sugar Numbers for the Morning?

The question of high numbers for blood sugar in the morning cannot be answered across the board, but generally speaking a person should never have more than 200 mg/dl at this time. It is interesting to note that even healthy people can expect to have high morning blood sugar numbers. The reason for this is that one’s body produces extra blood sugar between three and eight in the morning. At the same time, hormones are released that lower one’s sensitivity to the high blood sugar level.

The fact that the body makes extra blood sugar for the morning is not bad; in fact, it helps to prepare the body for the day. However, if one’s blood sugar number is too high, it could indicate that he or she has out of control diabetes and/or needs to make some dietary changes.

High Blood Sugar Level Effects on the Heart and Lungs

high blood sugar levelAlong with the question of “What is high blood sugar numbers” one should also ask the question, “How does high blood sugar affect my heart?” Too much sugar in one’s blood will cause a person’s blood pressure to rise.

This can result in heart palpitations, an inflammation of the membranes around the heart or even cardiac arrest. Research has determined that having overly high blood sugar for an extended period of time can and does impair lung function. It can make it more difficult for a person to breathe and can exacerbate a lung condition known as Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD.

Final Thoughts on Blood Sugar Numbers

The answer to the question of What is high blood sugar numbers?  is that any number over 120 mg/dl – 140 mg/dl is too high. However, a person who has just woken up should not be alarmed to find that he or she has very high blood sugar. On the other hand, those who have high results on a regular basis would do well to seek medical help and ask their doctors to help them determine what high blood sugar numbers are for their individual situation.

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