Normal Glucose Readings

normal glucose readings

normal glucose readings

Everyone, it seems, is counting some type of medical readings these days, from counting carbs, to cholesterol levels, normal glucose readings, there is always a new number to be tracked and trended and kept as close to normal as possible. Of all the things that are tracked and trended nowadays there is possibly nothing more important to an ever growing number of people than normal glucose readings. The number of people who suffer the ill effects of hypertension and heart disease are actually on the decline, but the number of diabetics continues to increase daily and normal glucose readings are, for the diabetic, the key to a long and trouble free life.

When it comes to determining exactly what normal blood glucose levels are, the normally accepted range of 80-110 mg/dl can be influenced by such factors as body weight, age, and underlying health conditions. The only real way for an individual to find out exactly what their normal glucose readings should be is to consult with their doctor. It should be noted, however, that low glucose readings can be just as detrimental as high glucose readings, extremes in either direction could lead to coma or even death. The only good glucose readings are those within the normal range for the individual.

For those who have suffered from diabetes for years and those newly diagnosed organizations like to American Diabetes Association can be invaluable resources for information and support regarding the disease. Many companies now offer free glucometers to those who need them. Awareness of the risks and treatments of diabetes is being raised in the public eye like never before. Research continues into finding a cure for diabetes. Never before has it been easier or more important for the diabetic to maintain normal glucose readings than it is today.

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