What is a prestige glucose meter?

prestige glucose meter
prestige glucose meter

What is a prestige glucose meter? A glucose meter is a machine that is used by diabetics to help monitor their blood sugar levels. For diabetics using these handy handheld items is a serious matter. So having the best is an absolute need.

Diabetes is an extremely serious and life threatening disease. Diabetes affects almost 30 million in the United States alone. With today’s sugar stuffed sweets and advances in diabetes treatment this number is only growing as the defective gene is passed on.

Diabetes is where a very serious organ known to many as the pancreas slow or sometimes stops in the production of a necessary hormone called insulin. Insulin is a very vital hormone that the body uses to make fuel The hormone is put in the blood stream there it binds with the glucose in the blood stream to transform it into a fuel source that the cells are capable of using. Without this hormone the body has no energy source and the blood glucose level begins to rise.

When the blood glucose levels hit a certain high level they begin to damage in permanent ways. The most common permanent damage is heart damage, a increase in the chance of heart disease, nerve damage, eye damage, and kidney damage. This damage will permanently scar the diabetic and make this suffer for the rest of their lives. This makes controlling your blood sugar a serious matter. So what is a prestige glucose meter?

A prestige glucose meter is a great glucose monitor. This particular monitor has several wonderful additions. It has a large easy to read screen for children and those who have bad eye sight. It uses smart test strips. It also uses a very small sample of blood unlike many other blood glucose meters. So talk to your diabetic supplier about the prestige glucose meter.

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