What are vitamins for diabetics?

Vitamins for DiabeticsWhat are vitamins for diabetics? Diabetes is a very serious disease that is hard to deal with, and keeping healthy is very hard so taking vitamins helps a lot. Diabetes is a very, very serious condition that is currently taking over our nation and the entire world. Today’s sugary stuffed foods and the great technological advances for diabetics to live longer lives are only fueling an already massive fire. Diabetes is a serious condition/ disease where the body is failing to get the required amounts of an absolutely vital hormone called insulin.

This absolutely vital hormone called insulin is produced by the organ called the pancreas. For some unknown reasons to man the pancreas will slow or even stop in production of this very serious chemical. This vital chemical is used by the body to transform the blood glucose (sugar) in the blood stream into a form of fuel that the body’s cells are able to use.

Without the vital proper amounts of this necessary insulin the sugar levels in the blood begin to rise to extremely dangerous high levels. Once they reach a certain extremely high level, around 140 mg/dl, the body begins to suffer some severe permanent damage. This permanent damage that happens to be most commonly associated with high blood sugar levels is nerve damage, heart damage, increases in the chance of heart disease, kidney damage, increases in the chances of kidney disease, and eye damage. But almost all of this damage can be avoided if a diabetic can lower their high blood sugar level and keep it at that safe lower level, around 120 mg/dl. So what are vitamins for diabetics?

Vitamins for diabetes allow diabetics to get the vitamins they need. Because of their strict diabetes diet they don’t get the needed amounts of vitamins and minerals. So they need vitamins for diabetics.

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