What is type II diabetes?

what is type ii diabetes
what is type ii diabetes

What is type II diabetes? Type II is the most common form of diabetes. More and more people are becoming diagnosed with diabetes and many more unaware they are at high risk of developing diabetes. Many people are at a higher risk than others due to their past medical history, ethnicity, race, weight and age. Latinos, Native Americans, African Americans and Mexicans are more susceptible to diabetes than other races. The Elderly age is also more suspectible to diabetes than others due to being older.

In type II diabetes, the body can’t make enough insulin or the cells won’t accept it. Insulin is a must because the body has to have insulin in order to use glucose for energy. The food that you eat is turned into fuel which is what you need to live off of. When your body breaks down the glucose it gives you the energy to keep pushing through and makes it through the day.

Starches such as cereals, pastas, potatoes and other sugary foods are the worst for diabetics because starch turns into pure sugar versus natural sugars such as fresh vegetables and fruits. When you have too much glucose in your body your body can’t break it up fast enough which either causes your insulin to be too much or too little and can signify to the rest of your body how it needs to work harder in order to keep up so that it can regulate everything and keep you healthy and your diabetes maintained.

What is type II diabetes? Type II diabetes is plainly where your body isn’t able to produce enough insulin in order to regulate your body or your body can’t absorb all the insulin you have been making in order to maintain a level of normalcy so that everything can work together.

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