What should sugar levels after eating be?

blood sugar levels after eating
blood sugar levels after eating

What should blood sugar levels after eating be? Is an important question for many who suffer from the disease diabetes? Diabetes, or as it is known as hyperglycemia, is where there is too much glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. This is because of the body not producing the amounts of the chemical insulin needed.

Insulin is the main chemical and is used to convert glucose into fuel. If the body produces too little the body doesn’t get the necessary energy and the high amount of sugar in the blood can permanently damage the body. This can result in kidney damage, blindness, and heart disease later in life.

What blood sugar levels after eating depends on you individually. The amount varies due age, weight, amount of exercise and other specifications. Blood sugar levels 1 hour after eating should be under 120 mg/dl for an average person. But for a diabetic the blood sugar range after eating should be anywhere from 120 to (and no higher than) 140 mg/dl. The levels that are given after testing with a blood glucose meter should be in this range or too much or not enough insulin has been taken.

The amounts should also be put on a blood sugar levels chart were they can be compared with other days and are a record for your doctor. Hypoglycemia is also a factor and is very dangerous. If too much insulin is added and not enough glucose was taken in, the body will run out of energy and begin to show bad symptoms that should be treated with immediate sugar intake. Symptoms include dizziness, confusion, fogginess, and eventually fainting. So this should be immediately treated with.

Find out what your blood sugar levels after eating should be and talk to you doctor about improving your diet.

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