Do you know how to treat high blood sugar?

how to treat high blood sugar

how to treat high blood sugar

Do you know how to treat high blood sugar? Treating diabetes and knowing how to do this is very important for those who have diabetes, a disease that ravages our nation and the world. Diabetes is where the bodies’ blood sugar levels are too high.

This is caused by the pancreas creating too little of the chemical insulin, this chemical is what changes glucose (blood sugar) into fuel that the body can use. With too little insulin the glucose levels rise and can wreak havoc upon the body. The damage done can consist of nerve damage, kidney failure, blindness, and even heart disease. Knowing how to treat high blood sugar is best for those who have the disease as it will affect them later on in their life.

First ask your doctor, he will know how to high blood sugar. In order to treat high glucose levels you will have to revamp your entire lifestyle. In order to treat diabetes, you must begin to eat items with less sugar and more fiber (ask your doctor for more specifications for your individual needs). Second you must begin a regular exercise regimen that will help greatly in your fight against high blood sugar.

But do as your doctor tells you as too much may result in hypoglycemia, to low blood sugar. (Hypoglycemia is just as dangerous with confusion, dizziness, shaking, and eventually fainting) The final addition that your doctor may prescribe is medications. These can range from vitamins, insulin, and other medications. All of which help treat the large glucose levels. A glucose blood meter will also be needed to measure glucose levels daily. These units use small plastic strips to measure the glucose in the blood and display it on a small screen for easy use. So learn how to treat high blood sugar and improve your life.

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