Normal Fasting Blood Glucose Level

normal fasting blood glucose level

normal fasting blood glucose level

When it comes to determining the normal fasting blood glucose level the numbers are sometimes subject to the individual. In most cases, however, a normal fasting blood glucose level is considered to be between 60 and 100 mg/dl. This is not a hard and fast rule however, as at times blood glucose levels can be influenced by age, weight, and even underlying health problems. The number one concern is that if you or someone you know suddenly develops increased thirst, increased appetite, and increased urination, and/or if there is a family history of diabetes it is probably time for a trip to the doctor to test for a normal fasting blood glucose level.

The test for a normal fasting blood glucose level begins with…well…fasting. Before your test your doctor will have you fast for a specified amount of time, this is in order to let your blood glucose reach its lowest level. When you arrive at your doctor’s office your blood glucose level will be checked. After checking your blood glucose level you will be given a solution containing a known amount of glucose to drink. Your blood glucose will then be checked intermittently for about two hours to see if your body is metabolizing the glucose properly. This is called a glucose tolerance test and will quickly and painlessly supply the information about whether you should be concerned with maintaining a normal fasting blood glucose level.

Glucose is used as fuel for every cell in the body, but if your body does not produce insulin or is resistant to the insulin produced, your body will not be able to correctly use the glucose that come from the sugars and carbohydrates that you ingest. In these cases glucose levels can build up to harmful levels. If your doctor determines that your body is not correctly metabolizing glucose you will be prescribed insulin by injection or an oral medication and a special diet so that you can best maintain a normal fasting blood glucose level.

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