What are type one diabetes symptoms?

type one diabetes symptoms

type one diabetes symptoms

What are type one diabetes symptoms? Type one diabetes is diabetes that forms when a person’s blood sugar is too high. Diabetes is a very serious disease that has become one of the world’s top health issues, and is only growing in numbers. This is due to several bad reasons including sugar filled foods. Diabetes is where the organ commonly known as the pancreas is not functioning correctly or efficiently. The organ known as the pancreas is responsible for the production of many hormones including bile (stomach acid), and insulin. However, diabetes is where the pancreas organ is not producing enough of the chemical called insulin. This hormone is responsible for many different chemicals in the body. However, its main responsibility is in creating your body’s energy. It must bind with the sugar molecules in the blood stream, also known as glucose, before the cells are able to use it, so if there isn’t enough insulin the sugar is not used and begins to build up. At a sugar level around 140 mg/dl the body begins to suffer serious damage to some main systems. The heart, eye and kidney cells will all suffer some severe damage. The nerves will also begin to suffer cell damage. The cell damage that is most often done is not reversible. This will make the diabetics life very painful later on in life. So reducing and controlling their blood glucose levels is essential for a healthy life. So what are type one diabetes symptoms?

Type one diabetes symptoms are very obvious but are often looked over. The symptoms include hunger. Thirst excessive urination, and excessive weight loss. These symptoms are caused by the body trying to rid itself of the deadly amounts of sugar in the blood stream. So now you know what type one diabetes symptoms are.

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