What is low blood sugar?

What is Low Blood SugarWhat is low blood sugar? For diabetics monitoring their blood sugar levels is extremely important. They, have to monitor it to keep it from damaging their bodies. But there is another form of this condition, a backwards version and it is called hypoglycemia.

This is where there is two little blood sugar. The damage done from this is shown immediately as it happens. Hypoglycemia is where the pancreas for unknown reasons produces to much of the chemical called insulin. This insulin takes the sugar in the blood and transforms it into fuel that the cells can use.

If there is too much insulin the sugars are all eaten up in a few minutes by the cells. So the body runs out of fuel very quickly. This is dangerous and results in several symptoms. Dizziness, shaking, confusion, and headaches are all common side effects. If sugar is not taken in a certain amount of time the body could pass out. This is extremely dangerous and must have glucagon taken. (Instant glucose) So watching your blood sugar is a very serious matter. So what is low blood sugar level and how do you manage it?

Low blood sugar is any number that is below 70 mg/dl. This number is low and if numbers get around 40 mg/dl the body will more than likely pass out. So how can you keep this from happening? You can avoid this happening if you monitor your blood sugar. In order to monitor your blood sugar your must use a blood glucose monitor. A blood glucose meter is a small handheld unit that is used to measure the glucose in the blood With this machine you can get a accurate blood measurement and know if you must eat or what must be done. So talk to your doctor about what is low blood sugar?

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